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The BEKON Concept

Production of biogas by dry fermentation

The superiority of BEKON technology is already apparent from the wide diversity of suitable substrates. Bulk materials with a high dry-substance content can be digested without need for any complex pre-treatment of the fermentation material. 

The principle is quite simple: in the absence of air and following inoculation by previously fermented material, the biological waste begins to digest, immediately resulting in the production of biogas. The BEKON process is a single-step fermentation process that employs batch operation. ’Single step‘, in this sense means that the various degradation reactions (hydrolysis, acidification and methanisation) constitute one process step.

Continuous generation of electricity and heat

The biogas thus produced is generally utilised in combined heat and power (CHP) units for generating electricity and heat. Continuous operation of the CHP is ensured by filling and operating several fermenters at staggered time intervals. The electricity generated is fed into the electrical grid and is remunerated or sold on, subject to the national feed-in tariffs. Only a small proportion of the excess heat produced is required for operating the plant. The majority of the heat energy generated is utilised externally; for example, it may be fed into a local or district heating grid or used for drying materials.

Generation of biomethane

Alternatively to power generation, the produced biogas can be processed into biomethane. This can then be fed into the natural gas grid or used as vehicle fuel (compressed natural gas). Thereby the generated energy can be stored and used in a wider market.

Mechanical Treatment

Mixed or pre-sorted industrial and commercial waste contains raw materials that can be recovered by means of mechanical processing. Mechanical recycling equipment supplied by Eggersmann separates recyclable waste by composition and particle size to deliver the recovered raw materials in a particularly effective and efficient way, in accordance with application and material requirements.

The size of each plant system is based on a detailed analysis of the substances being handled and the required quantities of recycled raw material. High-performance components developed by us in house guarantee maximum purity, reliability and fine-tuned capacity as required.

The entire design and setup procedure is placed in the expert hands of our highly-qualified, multi-disciplinary team.

Recycling Machines


BRT HARTNER specializes in designing and engineering equipment for recycling and waste sorting applications. The machines streamline and automate operations at waste processing facilities around the globe. In providing customized systems and fully integrated solutions for the sorting and recycling industries, the company contributes to the customers’ long-term profitability.

Bag Opener BOE

The new BOE 17 evolved from the proven BO-series. The innovations in this new model are based upon two decades of experience and more than 500 shipped machines. Functionality, sturdiness and modularity combined with the easy-to-use but precise controls, make it the best Bag Opener available on the market.


Compact and modular construction solutions feature flexibility for new projects and for modernization and expansion of existing systems.

Sliding belt conveyor
The sliding belt conveyor is used with lightweight transported materials. The conveyor is manufactured in a segmented construction. The conveyor belt frame is comprised of stable edge profiles equipped with all cut-outs and bore holes required for attaching accessories. The glide surface of the transported material can be reinforced in the input area.


Biological treatment

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Mechanical treatment

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Ignacio Benitez
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